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Displaying items by tag: Abi aluflex mat senior
ABI Aluflexmat senior mat from ABIMAT, it is manufactured by  robust aluminium profiles, finished by different kinds of coverings like textile fibers, 6.6. nylon brushes or rubber, being an ideal product for high traffic areas. The total thickness is between 20 to 24 mm depending on the chosen top covering, the distance between profiles is 4 mm, the linking profile system is constructed with high resistant PVC pieces, the latex backing ensure no-movement and noise less. ABI Aluflexmat Senior is ideal for high traffic locations, ideal at civil engineering, hotels, hospitals, museums, universities, commercial centers, etc.

» Very durable and lasting product
» Reduce maintenance and cleaning cost
» Improve your entrances aspect
» Wide variety of designs and coverings
» ABIMAT®, Mats manufacturers since 1910